L210 Hybrid Synergy Drive

L210 Hybrid Synergy Drive

L210 is a Hybrid Synergy Drive transmission used in Lexus IS300h, GS300h & RC300h

Key features of the L210 transmission include a two-stage electric motor speed reduction device and an all-gear drive to save fuel by eliminating slippage. Its software has been designed to provide a more natural driving feel through a linear rise in petrol engine revolutions as the vehicle accelerates.

The heart of the transmission is the set of planetary gears, which act as the CVT. Therefore, it uses gears throughout, so there is no energy lost through slippage. The gear ratios are infinitely variable, according to vehicle operating conditions. The L210 transmission can provide short gearing in an instant for strong acceleration and tall gearing for maximum economy when cruising or coasting.

L210 Hybrid




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