Haldex Gen 5

Oil Change guide

These Generation 5 Haldex systems are often not serviced correctly, many local garages are offering far better servicing where the pump is removed and cleaned which puts them in a far better position, but still trouble often persists. Servicing is often not the solution to problems, it is more reventative maintenance. If the car is getting the 16671 or 16668 fault codes then often a new pump is required, but if the vehicle is just getting the 16670 fault code then often cleaning them out, and fresh oil may solve thee issue but the “pump learn” function must be carried out.

  • When doing an oil change, remove the fill bolt, drain bolt and then remove the pump. (Make sure to remove the fill bolt first to confirm you can refill)
  • Wash out sludge out of the coupling by blowing compressed air into the fill plug with the drain plug undone.
  • Add a little clean oil to wash out the last of the sludge and blow out again.
  • Blow the pump gauze clean with compressed air, refit the pump with a little oil, and refit the drain bolt.
  • Fill will Haldex fluid via the fill bolt until oil overspills. Refit the fill plug and clean up any mess.


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