CVT transmission coolers

CVT transmission coolers/heat exchangers come in various shapes and outlet configurations: from the early types with 2 water outlets to later styles with extra lines for auxiliary coolers.

When dealers replace transmissions due to failure, they are also provided with an external auxiliary cooler normally mounted in the front of the car, or in some cases part of the radiator as per some Mitsubishi models.

TEKNIC005 - CVT transmission coolers

It is crucial that these coolers are replaced when replacing or rebuilding these transmissions and, in the case, where they are part of a radiator, they are bypassed. Any contaminates that travel through these coolers can lodge themselves in the cooling ports/tubes and may not be cleaned out just by flushing, these contaminates may then break free after some time and cause damage to transmission and block new heat exchangers.

* This information is only a guide, and some models may vary.


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